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2. How to Stay Spiritually Safe Amid Turmoil

Season #1

When I was young, I thought the song "Follow the Prophet" was the worst Primary song ever. It was long and repetitive, and I got bored with it. But now, I cling to the words: "Follow the prophet – Don't go astray. Follow the prophet – he knows the way."

Within the past year or two, there has been a flood of hate directed at the prophet and other Church leaders for various reasons. Most of it has come from within the Church. And, truthfully, that breaks my heart.

In this episode, we dive deep into why the Lord has given us prophets and how they can lead us to safety if we choose to follow.


Weekly SHINE Challenge:

Read all President Nelson's talks and public statements from the last year. Write down the counsel – what he has asked us to do - and the warnings – what he has asked us to look out for.


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1. Sustaining the Prophets; Russell M. Nelson

2. Finding Safety in Counsel: Henry B. Eyring

3. Moses chapter 8

4. The Lord Leads His Church: Henry B. Eyring

5. Lord, I Believe: Jeffery R. Holland

6. Stand as True Millenials, Russell M. Nelson

7. Agency and Control: Boyd K. Packer



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