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5. If Life is Hard, You're Doing Something Right

Season #1

Sometimes, we mistakenly believe that, if we have enough faith, God will remove painful obstacles from our paths. That could be true – He does work miracles and, sometimes, those miracles include healing in all forms.

But what if He does not take our challenges away? Does that mean we lack faith?

In this episode, we explore the story of Liberty Jail, one of the darkest times in the life of the Prophet Joseph and those who followed him. We all have our Liberty Jail moments. We can learn much about how to approach our dark days by examining how the Lord instructed Joseph in the grueling months of his imprisonment.


This week's SHINE challenge:

Read Doctrine and Covenants sections 121-123. In your journal, record at least one thing you learn from those sections that will help you navigate your personal trials.


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1. Lessons from Liberty Jail: Jeffrey R. Holland

2. Spiritual Whirlwinds: Neil L. Andersen

3. Doctrine and Covenants 121-123


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