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9. Sleep, Move, Repeat

Season #1

For the next few weeks, we will be focusing on a series of self-care fundamentals or "Fundies" that drastically affect all areas of our life, including our spirituality. The Fundies include: eat, sleep, move, breathe, be present, be prosperous, be grateful.

This week, we will be diving into sleep and movement. Why do these things matter? How can they help us bridge the gap between hope and despair? What do they have to do with our spiritual growth? How can you uplevel these areas of your life?

Listen in to find out!


This week's SHINE challenge:

Track your steps. Are you meeting the depression threshold every day? What can you do to add more movement to your days? Make a plan for moving forward in a more supportive way.


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1. Why We Sleep: Matthew Walker

2. How Much Sleep Do We Really Need? National Sleep Foundation

3. Sleep and Mood: Harvard Study

4. Among Teens, Sleep Deprivation an Epidemic

5. Even Happier: Tal Ben Shahar

6. The Joy of Movement: Kelly McGonigal



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