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10. Breathe Your Way to a Better Life

Season #1

For the next few weeks, we will continue to focus on a series of self-care fundamentals or "Fundies" that drastically affect all areas of our life, including our spirituality. The Fundies include: eat, sleep, move, breathe, be present, be prosperous, be grateful,  and be joyful.

This week, we will be diving into breath - the bridge between the body and the mind. We will discuss why breath is so powerful and how to use it to stay present, manage stress and anxiety, and feel calmer. 

I will also teach you a couple of powerful, practical tools you can use in moments of heightened emotion to bring you back into the present. Because, after all, the present is where life is truly LIVED.

The past is where depression lives. The future is where anxiety lives. The present is where POWER lives.

Let's do this!


This week's SHINE challenge:

Try flipping the switch with a few deep, mindful breaths when you feel stressed, anxious, or otherwise not at your best. To up the ante, repeat a mantra, such as “Everything is as it should be” or “I love and accept you.”


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