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20. Who Do You Want to Become? (And How to Get There)

Season #1

Can you imagine what would happen if you started to build a house without a blueprint? What if you poured a random foundation and then just started nailing boards together, hoping it would end up with just the right dimensions?

That idea is almost laughable, but the same concept applies to our lives. We must have a blueprint if we want to create the life of our dreams. Otherwise, life will simply happen to us while we sit and watch.

To create a blueprint, we must have a clear picture of our future self: who we want to become. Only then, can we intentionally build our lives in a way that leads us to that outcome.

Listen in to learn how to first see and then become the future self of your dreams.


This week's SHINE challenge:

Get in touch with your future self, however far out you want to imagine. It could be your future self next week, next month, next year, and beyond. Write about what she is like in as much detail as possible. After you know her, determine the things she does every day that have created the outcomes you now hope for. Then, make a plan for implementing those daily habits into your life right now.


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