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22. Change Your Habits; Change Your Life

Season #1

Our lives are not made up of big decisions, whether spontaneous or otherwise. They are made of small and simple choices we make multiple times every day.

Our small choices or, in other words, the way we choose to spend our time and energy, almost make the big decisions for us. Not in a way that takes away our agency, but in a way that reinforces it.

Small choices lead to big choices and big outcomes, both positive and negative. And habits, whether conscious or unconscious, are the building blocks of our choices.

We have much more power over our circumstances than we sometimes believe. As James Clear said, “You get what you repeat.”

Listen in to find out WHY habits are so powerful and HOW to gain momentum that will lead you to the outcomes you desire.


This week's SHINE challenge:

Come up with at least one small habit you can implement today that will increase your positive momentum. Then, do that thing each day.


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