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27. The Only Diet Plan You Will Ever Need

Season #1

Nutritional recommendations are constantly changing, which makes it extremely difficult to determine what diet strategy is the "healthiest."

Low fat? Low carb? High protein? No grain? Low glycemic index? No dairy? Low calorie? 

Which expert do we listen to when the experts do not agree?

But the Lord, who created our bodies and knows how best to care for them, tells us exactly what to eat and what to avoid in D&C Section 89.

The Word of Wisdom is not just a list of don'ts, but also a comprehensive list of do's. Listen in to hear about the Lord's plan of health which, in many ways, directly contradicts current nutritional recommendations.


This Week's Shine Challenge:

Prayerfully read Doctrine and Covenants 89 and see what specific and personal insight the Lord can share with you.


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