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28. GO and DO: A Post-Conference Invitation

Season #1

General Conference was fantastic! But what good are inspired messages from God unless we take the time to study and apply them? The Spirit cannot teach us how those messages will fortify our faith or grant us the prophetic blessings attached to them when they are collecting dust on a shelf or tucked away, out of sight, in the Gospel Library app.

So, I ask you, my friend, how will you be different because of what you heard at General Conference? What did the Spirit teach you, and how will you apply what you learned?

In this episode, I share my top 6 takeaways from October 2022 General Conference with an invitation to GO and DO what the Lord, through His servants, inspired you to do.


This Week's Shine Challenge:

Ponder what you learned at General Conference and set one actionable goal to put what the Spirit taught you into action.


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