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29. Two Questions That Will Open the Windows of Heaven

Season #1

In the New Testament, there is an account of a rich young ruler who was also a follower of the Master, Jesus Christ. He was already keeping the commandments but asked Jesus a question we would all do well to ponder: "What lack I yet?"

When we break that question down into two modern questions and take them to the Lord, He can open the windows of Heaven for us:

1. What is the number one most important thing I can stop doing that will most transform my life?

2. What is the number one most important thing I can start doing that will most transform my life?

I call this practice trading up, and in this episode, I will teach you why it matters and how to use it to unlock the power of God in your life.


This Week's Shine Challenge:

Ask the Lord the two questions above, record His answers, and make a plan to implement them.


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1. What Lack I Yet? Larry R. Lawrence

2. Spiritual Treasures: Russell M. Nelson

3. We Can Do Better and Be Better: Russell M. Nelson

4. Eyes to See: Michelle Craig

5. A Framework for Personal Revelation: Dale G. Renlund

6. Give the Lord Your Loyalty: Spencer W. Kimball



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