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33. What to Do When Things Don't Make Sense

Season #1

I have spent the past week thinking about things that don't make sense.

And, when I say "things that don't make sense," I mean questions that don't have easy answers and trials with no apparent ending.

I mean wrestling with counsel from prophets that does not seem to fit with our interpretation of following Jesus.

I mean physical, mental, and emotional challenges from which we have yet to find rest.

I mean paths the Lord inspires us to walk or even chooses for us that feel much too steep and well beyond our ability.

I mean roadblocks we encounter as we follow Him that seem to halt our progress again and again.

My thoughts have led me to the powerful lessons of Gethsemane and Golgotha. I believe understanding these events can forever change how we view our challenges and the suffering they sometimes create.


This Week's Shine Challenge:

Read Luke 22-23, which recounts the events of Gethsemane and Golgotha, and Jeffrey R. Holland's talk, "Lifted Up Upon the Cross." Imagine yourself as a character in the story. What would it have been like to witness those events? Would you have the faith to follow Him forever had you witnessed His sacrifice firsthand? Write your thoughts in your journal.



1. Lifted Up upon the Cross: Jeffrey R. Holland

2. None Were With Him: Jeffrey R. Holland


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