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51. Finding Hope Through Pornography Addiction, with Matt and Katie Davis

Season #1

Matt Davis first saw pornography at age six and then started viewing consistently at age 11. He got clean in time to serve a mission but fell back into old habits when he returned home.

Matt brought his pornography problem into his marriage without telling his wife, Katie. She did not know anything was wrong until she received a very strong prompting on their first anniversary. The Spirit told her to ask Matt specific questions related to pornography use, which brought his addiction to light.

The road to recovery was rocky for both of them, but Matt has been clean for four years. He and Katie are on a mission to discuss this tricky subject and help others navigate recovery with hope in Christ. Their story is inspiring, hopeful, and a MUST-listen for all, even those who do not struggle with pornography use. It will be especially beneficial for couples in the messy middle of addiction recovery.

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