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55. Standing for Truth Without Fostering Contention

Season #1

In the weeks since General Conference, I have spent much time in prayer and self-reflection, especially concerning President Nelson’s counsel to avoid contention. In light of my work in sharing my faith online, I have been asking, “Is it I? Am I contributing to the contention President Nelson warned us to avoid?”

My pondering has led me to the scriptures to study the life of the Savior, with particular attention to how He responded to criticism, mockery, and attempted provocation.

What I discovered changed how I view contention, particularly as it relates to teaching and standing for truth. It might change how you view it as well. Listen in for all the details.



Study President Nelson’s April 2023 talk entitled “Peacemakers Needed” with a prayerful heart, and record any thoughts or impressions that come. Then, create a plan to act on them.


P.S. If you would like to download a free pdf of all the April 2023 General Conference invitations, you can do that right here.



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