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56. The Irreplaceable Role of Women in God's Plan with Adrian Groth

Season #1

When Adrian Groth left for college, she also left the Church. She married young, despite the Spirit's promptings to walk away from the relationship. That decision put her into a heartbreaking situation she knew she needed to leave but did not know how.

Eventually, when she found herself unexpectedly pregnant, Adrian came back to church. Through many difficult experiences, she learned to rely on the Savior. 

In her subsequent quest to understand how she fit into God's plan as a woman, the Lord taught her the powerful truths surrounding the divine differences between men and women. She discovered how He feels about women, which provided a stark contrast to what the world teaches. This understanding changed her life.

If you have ever wondered how the Lord feels about His daughters, how they fit into His plan, or why men hold the Priesthood and women do not, this episode is for you.


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