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68. Experiencing the Goodness of Jesus

Season #2

Growing up in a society of great wickedness, Mormon, at age 15, was “visited of the Lord, and tasted and knew of the goodness of Jesus.” (Mormon 1:15)

If a 15-year-old, at a time when "the Holy Ghost did not come upon any because of their wickedness and unbelief,” could experience the goodness of Jesus, so can every one of us, including our children.

And, if that one-on-one experience with the Lord carried Mormon through a lifetime of circumstances that he said were “impossible for the tongue to describe, or for man to write a perfect description of the horrible scene of blood and carnage,” then the same can be true for us, in the circumstances of our lives. (Mormon 4:11)

Personal revelation = personal experiences with the Lord = experiencing the goodness of Jesus

No wonder we will need it to survive spiritually in the days ahead.

Listen in for all the details.


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