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15. FAQ: Am I Blindly Following?

Season #1

With the craziness of summer upon us, I will be publishing mini-episodes for the next few weeks. We will get back to our deep dives soon. Hopefully, these quick episodes will be easily consumable amid your crazy summer!

This week's topic was inspired by a question I recently received on this Instagram reel:

"I stumbled on this reel and I just want to say I do commend your loyalty and faith but my question is where do you draw lines for your “prophets” and “prophets” like Warren Jeffs who preyed on the young and innocent and sexually assaulted children? Thankfully he is locked away but some still follow this so-called prophet and when I see reels like this with people who follow a “prophet's” words blindly I don’t see how it is any different? Discernment is a gift that should be used."

Listen in for my answer. It just might get you thinking about how you might answer similar questions.

Want to dive in deeper? Listen to Episode 2.


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